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Emergency Relief in Ukraine

Emergency Relief in Ukraine Funded by the European Union, the project Emergency relief in Ukraine has been carried out by our Ukrainian partner AUFCR. The actions

A United Peace Movement – International Youth Council

A United Peace Movement – International Youth Council READ THE CONCLUSIONS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL 2022 HERE Mid October, 143 volunteers and colleagues

Sewing Machines in South Sudan

Sewing machines in South Sudan

4000 locally produced t-shirts At Cross Cultures’ Open Fun Football Schools, children receive t-shirts as they can use to play football. If possible, we strive

Titos story

Tito’s Story

Tito’ Story Back in 2006 was the first unofficial football match for the Sudan women’s national team. Since then, in 2011, South Sudan became independent


Jenifer’s Story

Jenifer’s Story Jenifer Keji Robert is a 30 years old mother of six children. Jenifer is a school drop-out and has not been in school