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On this page you can find the latest news from our activities across the world. We update the news page as often as possible, with stories from our partner countries as well as from the headquarter in Copenhagen.

Sports for all: a pillar of social cohesion

Last week Patrice Bergamini the EU Ambassador of Tunisia visited our Tunisian colleague Dr. Marwen Chaieb to see his project in Tunis. Dr. Chaieb has changed one of the city´s most criminal areas into a mekka full of sports and traditional games for the local people, especially for kids and for the youth. One of the goals is to get young people out of the streets and criminal behavior by offering them a community based on sport and friendships instead.

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Playing for common future

Thank you for being with us in this world. We found love and cooperation and everything is beautiful. Thanks from the depth.

…. So were the words posted on our facebook wall only few hours after we closed a four-day seminar for 30 youth leaders in Jordan.

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CCPA helps the Asylum League with a legendary kick-off at 1st Round

The Asylum Football league for Asylum Seekers in Denmark finally kicked off on September 5th and 6th with four legendary games between the best players Zealand had to offer amongst the refugee camps in the small Danish island; which had amongst others two Danish lower-league players and retired footballers from the Iranian and Iraqi football system.

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CCPA OFFS Sarajevo

The last week of August begins, the beginning of a school year in Bosnia, but OFFS activities do not stop.

After the completion of education and participation of leaders and coaches in Seminar organized by office Sarajevo in Tesli?, and in two regional seminars in Kosovo and Srbija, schools have started in Bosnia and Herzegovina . National Seminar in Teslic is organized according to agreed seminar plan. Next to the successful theoretical and practical Seminar segments, we also implemented workshops that brought new ideas and initiatives. Leaders and coaches from BH that participated Regional seminars also actively participated seminar agendas.

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OFFS – Seminar for leaders and coaches in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Open Fun Football Schools season 2016 in Balkan , started officially with the first Seminar for leaders and coaches , held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from July 29nd to 31st.

Participants of the Seminar were leaders and coaches from 15 local communities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with five instructors and office staff. There was just over hundred participants, in beautiful setting of Banja Vrucica, where new ideas, fresh energy through a very welcomed new format of Seminar – were plenty.

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