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On this page, you can find the latest news from our activities worldwide. We update the news page as often as possible with stories from our partner countries and the headquarter in Copenhagen

Titos story

Tito’s Story

Tito’ Story Back in 2006 was the first unofficial football match for the Sudan women’s national team. Since then, in 2011, South Sudan became independent


Jenifer’s Story

Jenifer’s Story Jenifer Keji Robert is a 30 years old mother of six children. Jenifer is a school drop-out and has not been in school

Water delivery Ukraine

Update Report from Ukraine

In cooperation with All Ukrainian Foundation for Children’s Rights (AUFCR) and supported by funds from CISU, Cross Cultures is engaged in emergency provision of assistance

Emergency relief in eastern Ukraine

Emergency relief in Eastern Ukraine

In connection to the war in Ukraine, Cross Cultures has established an emergency relief program to help children in 5 of the eastern regions of

Graduation in South Sudan

South Sudan: A boost for employment

In South Sudan, there is low employment and few job opportunities. Today, there are 23 young graduates in Torit. A boost for employment in Torit,

7 regions in Ukraine

This program covers 7 regions in Ukraine

In connection to the war in Ukraine, Cross Cultures has signed a partnership agreement with The Ukrainian Association for Football (UAF) to help children in